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Catamaran - 14.98m — Fountaine Pajot - Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 - 6 + 1 cab. (2018)

With skipper

From €557 per day

Catamaran - 15.24m — Catamaran Abierto - Catamaran Abierto (2008)

La Romana
With skipper

From €250 per day

Catamaran - 12m — Fountaine Pajot - Lavezzi 40 (2002)

Sant Antoni de Portmany
With skipper

From €593 per day

Catamaran - 9.99m — Aventura - Aventura 34 (2019)

With skipper

From €100 per day

Catamaran - 8.23m — World Cat - Four Pack 27 foot (2005)

San Diego
With skipper

From €1,000 per day

Catamaran - 12.19m — Catamaran - 40 (2010)

With skipper

From €1,286 per day

Catamaran — Luxury - Catamaran

Waikoloa Village
With or without a skipper

From €3,143 per day

Catamaran - 9.75m — Trimaran - Tri (2021)

With skipper

From €71 per day

Catamaran - 13.72m — Corinthian - 45

With or without a skipper

From €1,920 per day

Catamaran - 12.5m — Catana Performance - 41 (2009)

With skipper

From €4,286 per day

Catamaran — Custom - Catamaran

West Palm Beach
With or without a skipper

From €2,910 per day

Catamaran - 14.1m — Roberts & Caine - 46 Catamaran

With or without a skipper

From €1,746 per day

Catamaran - 19m — Power Catamaran - 62 (2007)

Miami Beach
With or without a skipper

From €3,840 per day

Catamaran - 19m — Power Catamaran - 62 (2007)

Miami Beach
With or without a skipper

From €4,128 per day

Catamaran - 14.6m — Leopard - 48

Key West
With or without a skipper

From €2,425 per day

Catamaran - 13.7m — Corinthian - Catamaran

Duck Key
With or without a skipper

From €3,832 per day

Catamaran — Custom - Catamaran

Waikoloa Village
With or without a skipper

From €873 per day

Catamaran — Custom - Wa'a kaulua (2017)

With or without a skipper

From €1,067 per day

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Rent a Catamaran

There are a plethora of fantastic reasons to rent a catamaran. Firstly, they are the perfect boat for any type of holiday, whether you’re looking to go on a family vacation or a crazy adventure with your friends. Catamarans are typically very spacious and comfortable boats, with many different ones available for any number of people.

Although the initial costs of renting a catamaran can be a little higher than some of the other types of boat, the fuel costs are usually lower and they can travel faster than monohull sailboats which means you will also have time to explore more places during your trip. Another factor which gives you the opportunity to visit more locations during your trip is that catamarans can enter shallower waters than most boat types. This gives increased accessibility to secluded beaches and coves, some of which are only accessible by boat.

Furthermore, catamarans are the perfect boat for those who suffer from seasickness, as the double hull design offers much more stability than monohull sailboats. The final reason why you should rent a catamaran as opposed to another type of boat is that we have catamarans in such a wide range of locations, you’re bound to find one in the place you want to rent.

How much does catamaran rental cost?

There are many factors that can affect the price of catamaran rental. A few of these include the season, the location, the number of people, the model, the size, the duration of your trip, the amenities on board and whether or not you rent the catamaran with a skipper. Generally, the price to rent a catamaran can be anywhere from €1520 per week.

Do I need a licence to rent a catamaran?

Not necessarily. Firstly, it’s important to note that you can find catamarans available to rent either with or without a skipper. If you are renting with a skipper, you won’t need a licence. If you are renting a catamaran without a skipper, the answer to this question becomes a little more complicated because it generally depends on the specifications of the boat and the location where you are planning to rent. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you look up the legislation regarding whether or not you need a boating licence before booking a catamaran, so you can be sure you aren’t going to break any rules before you set off.

Even if you do find that you need a licence, in many cases, area specific licences can be obtained easily and cheaply with a little foreplanning.

Where are the best destinations to rent a catamaran?

While it’s safe to say that there are no bad destinations to rent a catamaran, you should absolutely choose to rent one when visiting anywhere with secluded areas that are easiest to access by boat. This is because you will generally manage to get closer in a catamaran than in most other boats on account of their ability to enter shallower waters.

Generally speaking, the most popular locations for catamaran rental include Italy, Croatia, Turkish coastal cities, the Greek Islands, the Balearics, Florida and many Caribbean Islands such as the Bahamas. All of these places offer a wealth of different locations to explore in your catamaran rental that would otherwise be almost unreachable.

What brands of catamaran can you rent?

There are many different brands of catamaran and each one is fantastic in its own way. Some of the best brands that you can rent with Océans Évasion, are Lagoon, Nautitech, Fountaine, Pajot, and Bali. You will have a comfortable trip with access to all the necessary amenities on any of these.

What is included when renting a catamaran and what additional costs are there likely to be?

This will vary depending on the different owners, but in general, you can see which costs are included in the description of the boat and otherwise, you can ask the owner directly. Some examples of things that often come as additional costs include water sport equipment that may be used for activities such as snorkeling, waterskiing, and paddle surfing, the skipper, and fuel.

Most owners will also ask for a deposit, which you should pay at check-in. You will usually get this deposit back though, unless you leave the boat in a worse condition than you found it. If you choose to rent without a skipper, you may also have to pay for insurance and some owners will also want you to pay for their boat to be cleaned after your charter.

Although mooring fees at the base are often included in the rental costs, you will usually need to pay extra if you decide to moor in other places during your trip, so make sure you research this thoroughly before going.

Some catamarans also offer you the option of hiring a chef to prepare meals and drinks for you during your holiday. Choosing this option makes for a very relaxing trip and offers you the opportunity to try local food but almost always costs extra on top of the base costs for your rental.

What are some of the activities to look forward to during a catamaran rental?

The beauty of renting a catamaran is that you can have many different experiences while on board. As has already been mentioned, catamarans offer you the opportunity to enter shallower waters than many other boat types, which gives you access to many secluded beaches and coves that might otherwise be unreachable.

Catamarans also have a lot of space on board, which makes them perfect for transporting the equipment for a range of different watersports. Some that you might want to participate in during your trip include paddle surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, or even waterskiing.

Being fast boats, catamarans also lend themselves to exploration, especially in locations where there are multiple islands in the area, such as Greece, Croatia, Canada, the Caribbean and any of the Scandinavian countries. Renting a catamaran in any of these places will give you the opportunity to visit more of these islands, either uninhabited or not.

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