About us

All About Océans Evasion

Since 1992, Océans Evasion has been the expert in catamaran and sailboat hires.

Our objectives

Based in Lorient, we are passionate about private yacht hires both in France and around the globe. Inspired by of shipbuilding, yachting, and ocean racing, our aim is to make chartering vessels with a skipper/crew as simple and safe as possible. We strive to provide all of our customers with unforgettable sailing experiences, and we offer personalised support from the first point of contact to when you reach the dock at the end of your cruise. Our consultants are expert sailors in all of the areas that they have previously travelled to. They will support you at each and every stage of your journey with us, making sure that won't be your last. Whether you are looking to explore the Caribbean, French Polynesia, Greece, around the French coast or anywhere else in the world, our consultants are ready to provide you with the best information possible!

Our fleet

After joining together with Click&Boat in 2019, we now have more than 17,000 catamarans and sailboats available to hire in France and around the world.

About 1,100,000 registered users

More than 50,000 available yacht hires

Available to hire in over 750 harbours

More than 14815 client reviews