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Hire Sailboat Dufour Dufour 412 GL Nassau

Sailboat - 12.35m — Dufour - Dufour 412 GL (2020)

Without a skipper

Hire Sailboat Leopard 46 George Town
George Town

Sailboat - 14.02m — Leopard - 46 (2018)

With a skipper

From £2,176 per day

Hire Sailboat Dufour Yachts Dufour 390 GL Nassau

Sailboat - 11.00m — Dufour Yachts - Dufour 390 GL (2023)

Without a skipper

From £336 per day

Hire Sailboat Hinckley 49 Ketch Marsh Harbour
Marsh Harbour

Sailboat - 17.00m — Hinckley - 49 Ketch (1976)

With a skipper

From £1,139 per day

Hiring a sailboat in the Bahamas

If you're looking for a breathtaking sailing destination, the Bahamas should be at the top of your list. With its turquoise waters and white sand beaches, the Bahamas is a true paradise for sailors. A sailboat hire is the best way to explore this beautiful archipelago. You can island hop from one idyllic spot to another, anchor in sheltered bays and coves and swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters. It’s time to book a sailboat hire in the Bahamas with Océans Evasion.

How much does it cost to hire a sailboat in the Bahamas?

A sailboat hire in the Bahamas is a great way to explore the islands and experience the local culture. There are many factors that affect the price of hiring a sailboat, including the season and duration of your trip, the type of sailboat and other optional services that you may require such as having a skipper. On average, you can expect to pay £3,920/week in the low season and £5,040/week in the high season.

Why should you charter a sailboat in the Bahamas with a skipper?

It is possible to book a sailboat charter in the Bahamas with or without a skipper. For a more relaxing holiday, we highly recommend having a captain onboard. Not only is the skipper knowledgeable about the area and can help navigate the waters, but they will also be able to provide you with information about local attractions and activities. The skipper can help you with your itinerary and ensure that you make the most of your time in the Bahamas, leaving you with a peace of mind.

What do we offer in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas are one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. The turquoise waters, white sand beaches and lush vegetation make it a paradise for sailors. Chartering a sailboat in the Bahamas with a crew is the perfect way to enjoy an all-inclusive experience. First, when you book a sailboat hire in the Bahamas with a full crew, you can look forward to delightful dining experiences. The excellent chefs on board will prepare sumptuous meals that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you prefer traditional Bahamian cuisine or something more exotic, you’ll find that the chefs will be able to accommodate your requests. Hiring a sailboat with a full crew also means that there won’t be any need for tedious cleaning up when your voyage comes to an end. The attentive crew members will take care of everything from tidying up after meals to washing down decks so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy your time aboard the boat.

When is the best time to charter a sailboat in the Bahamas?

The best time to charter a sailboat in the Bahamas is during the trade wind season, which runs from November to April. During this time, the winds blow steadily from the northeast, making for pleasant sailing conditions. The trade winds also help to keep the waters of the Bahamas clear and free of marine life that can pose a danger to swimmers. Hurricane season runs from June to November, so it's best to avoid chartering a boat during this time.

What to do in the Bahamas?

Dreams of tropical islands, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters come alive in the Bahamas. This island chain is a classic sailing destination and a must-visit for any nautical adventurer. With its abundance of stunning landscapes, activities and attractions, there’s something for everyone in the Bahamas.

  • The first stop on your sailing tour of the Bahamas should be Staniel Cay. Located in the Exuma Cays archipelago, this small island offers some of the best snorkelling and swimming opportunities in the area. You can explore the vibrant coral reefs or simply relax on one of its beautiful beaches.
  • Next up is Big Major – an uninhabited island that’s home to a large colony of swimming pigs! The pigs have become a popular attraction for visitors to the area; you can even swim with them if you’re brave enough!
  • For those looking for more traditional beach fun, Marsh Harbour has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Bahamas. With its clear turquoise waters and golden sand, it’s easy to see why this destination is so popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • Palm Cay is another must-see spot during your sailing trip around the Bahamas. This small island is perfect for exploring thanks to its relatively untouched beauty. Here you can take advantage of some great fishing opportunities or relax on one of its unspoiled beaches.

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