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Sailboat - 12.01m — Beneteau - Oceanis 40.1 (2022)

From £332 per day

Super owner
Discount offer

Sailboat - 12.1m — Beneteau - Oceanis 40.1 (2022)

From £308 per day


Sailboat - 12.35m — BAVARIA - 41 CRUISER (2016)

From £271 per day

Super owner

Sailboat - 13.24m — Dufour - Dufour 430 (2022)

From £370 per day

Super owner
Discount offer

Sailboat - 14.04m - Hanse 458 (2022)

From £481 per day


Sailboat - 10.5m — Beneteau - 34 Oceanis Clipper (2012) (2012)

From £179 per day

Discount offer
10 · KOS

Sailboat - 14.27m — Bavaria - Cruiser 46 (2020)

From £437 per day

10 · KOS

Sailboat - 15.6m — BAVARIA - 51 CRUISER (2009)

From £359 per day


Sailboat - 15.94m — Beneteau - Oceanis 51.1 (2022)

From £616 per day

Super owner
10 · KOS

Sailboat - 13.5m - Oceanis 45 (2015)

From £393 per day

Discount offer

Sailboat - 13.76m — JEANNEAU - SUN ODYSSEY 449 (2016)

From £357 per day

10 · KOS

Sailboat - 13.65m - Bavaria Cruiser 46 (2016)

From £388 per day

10 · KOS

Sailboat - 13.65m - Oceanis 46.1 (2019)

From £484 per day


Sailboat - 15.55m — Hanse - Hanse 508 (2021)

From £579 per day

10 · PAROS

Sailboat - 13.24m — Dufour - Dufour 430 Grand Large (2020)

From £333 per day

Discount offer

Sailboat - 12.4m — Hanse - Hanse 418 (2020)

From £333 per day

10 · PAROS

Sailboat - 13.39m — JEANNEAU - SUN ODYSSEY 440 (2018)

From £407 per day

10 · KOS

Sailboat - 15.75m - Jeanneau 54 (2016)

From £631 per day

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Hire A Sailboat in Greece

With idyllic islands surrounding this hub of culture and history, it is the perfect place to hire a sailboat. With a sailboat, you can go island hopping to your heart’s content, stopping off at white sand beaches, bordered by crystal clear waters that glitter and gleam in the sunlight. Being at the centre of one of the most famous ancient civilisations, there are also plenty of spectacular buildings to visit, which provide a valuable window into a past full of intrigue and amazing stories. When you hire a sailboat in Greece, you can be in charge of your own adventure from start to finish, whether you want to hire with a skipper or without.

How much does it cost to hire a sailboat in Greece?

There are many different factors that can influence the cost of hiring a sailboat in Greece. Some of these factors include the model of the sailboat, the season, the location where you want to hire, the number of people and how long you plan on hiring for. Typically though, you should be looking to spend at least £770 per week for a sailboat Hire in Greece.

Do you need a skipper to hire a sailboat in Greece?

No, it’s possible to hire a sailboat either with or without a skipper in Greece, but it’s imperative to look into boating licence laws if you plan to hire without, In general, the laws in Greece aren’t too strict, but if you plan to hire a boat without either a licence or a skipper, you need to hire a boat with an engine power of 30 horsepower or less.

There are many reasons both for hiring a sailboat with a skipper and bareboat charters but a couple of things you should consider when making the decision are your sailing experience and whether you want a relaxing holiday or one filled with adventure. For people who want a relaxing holiday or who have little experience, it makes more sense to hire with a skipper. If, however, you would prefer a little more freedom on your holiday, you should hire without a skipper.

What are the weather and sailing conditions like in Greece?

Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate, the summer weather beginning in May with temperatures of around 25°C. By July, these temperatures soar into the 30s and rarely drop below 20°C, even at night. On the lower ground, there are hot, dry summers, which contrasts greatly with the weather in the mountains, where the temperatures are typically lower and there is much more rain. While it’s true that the heat can be a little too much in the summer months, the Greek islands are thankfully cooled down a little by the Meltemi winds. These winds also provide you with perfect conditions for sailing.

When is the best time to go sailing in Greece?

The best time to go sailing in Greece depends on a multitude of different factors, but in general, it’s best to sail between June and September. During this period, the weather is at its best and the Meltemi winds offer ideal conditions for nautical activities. The warm water temperatures are also perfect for activities such as swimming and snorkeling. However, during this period there will also be more tourists and higher boat prices on account of the fantastic weather. If you would prefer to go when there are fewer people, you should go instead in April, May, or October.

What are the best sailing areas in Greece?

In Greece, you will find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to potential locations for your sailing trip. However, here are some of our favourites:

  • Attica
  • The Argo-Saronic Islands
  • Crete
  • Thassos
  • Milos
  • Santorini
  • The Sporades Islands
  • The Dodecanese Islands
  • The Ionian Islands
  • The Cyclades Islands

What are the most popular harbours and marinas in Greece?

With a plethora of different islands surrounding Greece, you have a wide range of ports and harbours to choose from. Our favourites include:

  • Athens Marin
  • Rhodes Marina
  • Gouvia Marine
  • Kos Marina
  • Lefkas Marina
  • Port Zakynthos
  • Sani Marina
  • Olympic Marina
  • Mikonos New Port
  • Agios Nikolaos
  • Odyseas Marina
  • Vathi Marina
  • Fiskardo Marina

If you go to any of these, you should find all the amenities you could possibly need to have a memorable trip, but make sure to research them thoroughly before going, just to be certain.

What to see in Greece?

Greece has such a rich history, that you will certainly not be bored when going there. Some of the best things to see are as follows:

  • Taking a tour of the Acropolis
  • Climbing Mount Olympos to feel closer to the Gods of Ancient Greece
  • Visiting the manmade Lake Plastira
  • Viewing the amazing architecture of Santorini
  • Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delphi, on the side of Mount Parnassus
  • Exploring the Samaria Gorge on Crete
  • Visiting the Acropolis Museum
  • Visiting the Epidaurus Theatre
  • Going spelunking at Melissani Cave
  • Sailing down the Corinth Canal
  • Taking in the marvellous views over the ocean at Mount Athos
  • Relaxing on the breathtaking Balos Beach
  • Hiking along the Corfu trail
  • Sunbathing at the beautiful Psarou Beach

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