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Boat length
0 - 60+ m
Boat power
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Construction year
2002 - 2023
1000 Max Km
20 sailboats available

Sailboat - 12.2m — Jeanneau 40 - Sun Odessey (2007)

From £302 per day


Sailboat - 16.75m — Bavaria - Cruiser 56 (2014)

From £925 per day


Sailboat - 54m — Hanse - 540 (2005)

From £677 per day


Sailboat - 16m — Poncin Yachts - Harmony 52 (2007)

From £643 per day

Super owner

Sailboat - 12.9m — Dufour - 425 GRAND LARGE (2017)

From £382 per day


Sailboat - 12m — BENETEAU - FIRST 40.7 (2008)

From £320 per day

 12 · Super owner

Sailboat - 14.4m — Bavaria - 46 (2014)

From £368 per day


Sailboat - 10.45m — Elan - 333 (2000)

From £259 per day


Sailboat - 12.85m — Jeanneau - 42I (2014)

From £407 per day


Sailboat - 13.85m — Elan - 45 (2020)

From £397 per day


Sailboat - 12.8m — Jeanneau - 42I PERFORMANCE (2007)

From £322 per day


Sailboat - 12m — Beneteau - First 40.7 (2000)

From £370 per day


Sailboat - 9m — Farringdon 30 - Norfolk Broads Sail Boat (1989)

From £155 per day


Sailboat - 7.62m — Farrington 25 - Norfolk Broads Sail Boat (2019)

From £142 per day


Sailboat - 8m — Gibsea - 76 (1984)

From £148 per day


Sailboat - 17.67m — Sparkman & Stephens - Nauticat 521 (1987)

From £2,078 per day


Sailboat - 8.5m — Landimore - Norfolk Broads Sailing Boat (1992)

From £155 per day


Sailboat - 10.6m — Gaff - cutter (1930)

From £74 per day

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Sailboat Hire UK

The United Kingdom, which currently consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is full of spectacular places to go sailing and has even produced many famous names in sailing over the years, such as decorated olympian Ben Ainsley. Being an island, it is the perfect place to go sailing, with a sailboat hire giving you access to many more areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Whether you want to visit the capital city, London, or go further north to Edinburgh or Glasgow, you can find a boat to suit your needs with Océans Évasion.

How much does it cost to hire a sailboat in the UK?

There are many different factors that influence the price of sailboat hire in the UK, including the size and model of the boat, the number of people on board, the duration of the trip, the season, and whereabouts in the UK you want to hire a sailboat. In general though, sailboat hire in the UK will cost about £1246 per week in high season and about £877 per week in low season.

Do you need to hire a sailboat with a skipper in the UK?

No, it’s possible to hire a sailboat in the UK either with or without a skipper. However, if you plan on hiring a sailboat without a skipper, you will need to look into getting a boating licence, which can be obtained easily provided you have boat insurance and have completed the Boat Safety Scheme Certificate.

If you have the correct licences, you should absolutely opt to be the captain of your own boat, going wherever you want, whenever you want. If you want a slightly more relaxing holiday, however, you should opt to let a skipper take you to all the best places in the UK. Taking advantage of a skipper’s unique knowledge can make for a truly memorable holiday, full of unique experiences.

What are the weather and sailing conditions like in the UK?

The climate in the UK is a temperate maritime climate, with warm summers and cool winters. In general, though, the temperatures in winter rarely go below 0°C and the summer temperatures rarely above 32°C. The warmest months are generally July and August, and the coldest ones January and February. The weather is also fairly damp, with a significant amount of rain throughout the year, and subject to frequent changes.

When is the best time to go sailing in the UK?

Typically, we would recommend visiting the UK in May, June, September or October as these months usually see the best weather. Although the weather is warmer in July and August, these months also often see the most rain, as well as being busier and more expensive.

What are the best sailing areas in the UK?

There are so many amazing areas to go sailing in the UK that it would be impossible to list all of them. However, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Aldeburgh, Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • Cowes, the Isle of Wight
  • Southampton
  • Brighton, East Sussex
  • Dartmouth, Devon
  • Yorkshire
  • Falmouth, Cornwall
  • The Lake District
  • Lymington, Hampshire

What are the most popular harbours and marinas in the UK?

With so many great areas to go sailing in the UK, naturally there is also a wide choice of harbours and marinas for you to stop off at. Some of the best are listed below:

  • Outlook Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, Ipswich
  • Royal Quays Marina, North Shields
  • Shamrock Quay, Southampton
  • Chichester Marina, Chichester
  • Gayton Marina, Northampton
  • St. Katherine’s Dock, London
  • Bath Waterside Marina, Bath
  • Overwater Marina, Crewe
  • Brighton Marina, Brighton
  • Cobbs Quay, Poole
  • Hull Marina, Hull

What to see by the coast in the UK?

There are many things to see all over the UK, but some of the best things to see by the coast include:

  • Dunraven Bay, South Glamorgan, Wales
  • Beachy Head, East Sussex, England
  • The Old Man of Hoy, Scotland
  • The Wales Coast Path, Wales
  • Durdle Door, Dorset, England
  • St. Ives, Cornwall, England
  • Blackpool, England
  • Brighton, England
  • Whitby, England

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