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Catamaran rental in the Caribbean

Set sail for the Caribbean with Ocean Evasion! Your catamaran charter in the Caribbean is more accessible than you might think, so you can take your family or friends on an unforgettable family holiday or a thrilling sailing adventure.

The Caribbean is known for its paradisical, clear, and crystalline waters, idyllic beaches, and palm trees. The perfect location for whatever sailing adventure you want to plan. Plan a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a thrilling adventure through the Caribbean islands. Island hop through millions of white sand beaches during your sailing vacations.

This charter vacation will take you through all of the islands you choose. From the British Virgin Islands to St Lucia, Puerto Rico, and more, you have endless choices for your Caribbean catamaran charter.

Where to sail and what to do in the Caribbean?

In the Caribbean, catamaran rentals give you complete freedom to visit all of the islands your heart desires. Whether you decide to spend days soaking up the sunshine and seascapes or a weekend sailing around a specific island, getting to know it very well, the choice is yours. A tranquil tropical paradise with breathtaking views of snow-white beaches, wildlife, and plenty of tropical raw nature at heart. 

Choose from sailing to beautiful areas such as the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and more. It all depends on what you want to see! Visit the Leeward islands! St. Lucia is full of incredible mountainous views and diving waters for some soft sailing adventures. In the Bahamas, you have hundreds of islands to choose from.
The British Virgin Islands with its white sandy beaches and delectable cuisine is a good choice for your sailing trip. The mild wind between the islands is perfect for your next sailing trip. If you enjoy snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, or beach bar hopping then this is a great area to go.

The US Virgin Islands are another great choice to explore during your catamaran charter in the Caribbean. Made up of three islands, St John, St Croix, and St Thomas, this is a great destination for both beginners and seasoned sailors. The trade winds, line-of-sight sails, and great weather year-round, not to mention, the excellent diving sites and deep fishing opportunities make for a sailor’s paradise.

Set sail through 700 islands, cays, and islets with easy-to-challenging sailing areas around the Bahamas. The gentle light winds and easy line-of-sight navigation and scuba diving options you can choose from make this another great place for sailing. Get greeted by three-foot iguanas on the beaches, swimming pigs in the Exumas, and dive in to find the friendly sea turtles and colorful fish.

Looking for your Caribbean hideaway? St Barts will make you feel like a celebrity in this exclusive paradise. Beachside bistros, glamorous beach bars, and scenic and shoreside relaxation await. The aquamarine waters, beach parties, and opportunity to do water sports are just the beginning of what St Barts offers.

St Vincent and the Grenadines are the perfect in-between if you are looking for a balance between sailing and inland activities. Whether you choose to spend your days beach-hopping through the 36 separate islands, snorkeling or free diving in the coral reefs or hiking through the craters of the ancient volcano. No matter where you are traveling, you are guaranteed to get stunning views. Don’t miss snorkeling in the Tobago Cays Marine Park!

Catamaran rentals in the Caribbean give you endless opportunities. Plan a visit to some of the most beautiful islands in the world before it’s too late!

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in the Caribbean?

Catamaran rentals may vary on many different factors when it comes to costs. Your rental may include or not include certain fees or services, so it is important to contact the boat owner about what will be included in your rental. Catamaran rentals can range between $400 and $5,300 per day.

The harbors in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its beautiful beaches, crystalline waters, and exquisite climate. A great way to explore all of the islands this region has to offer is by renting a catamaran. Knowing where to dock your boat is key to having a stress-free charter.

Located on the Dutch side of the island, Simpson Bay Marina offers over 800 slips, each with its power source, water supply, Wi-Fi access, and direct access to the sea. There are also numerous restaurants and shops nearby so you can enjoy some delicious food while taking in the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

Bridgetown Port in Barbados is another popular harbor among sailors and catamaran charters alike. This port provides everything necessary for a successful voyage: fuel stops, repair and maintenance services, supplies, as well as other amenities like restaurants and shops right on site.

Finally, Charlotte Amalie Harbor in St Thomas has long been considered one of the most attractive harbors in all of the Caribbean Sea. Here you'll find several marinas offering slips that come with electricity and Wi-Fi connection. You"ll also have access to a wide range of services such as laundry facilities or even car rental services.

Renting a catamaran with or without a skipper

Are you debating over going on a catamaran charter in the Caribbean with a skipper and crew? Ocean Evasion allows you to choose whether you want to bareboat charter, rent with a skipper, or a skipper and crew. If you want a luxurious experience, renting with a skipper and crew could be a great option. You can get meals and drinks prepared for you and your group.

If you want to set sail with a bareboat charter instead, you will need a valid boating license! Make the best of your time onboard your world-class catamaran charter in the Caribbean.

When is the best time to go?

In the Caribbean, it is always a good time to go sailing on your catamaran charter! The average monthly temperature among all of the islands is always between 74°F to 92°F. We recommend avoiding going from June to November, during hurricane season. That way you don’t have to worry about anything while you are setting sail through the beautiful Caribbean sea.

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