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Catamaran - 13.99m — Lagoon - 46 A/C & GEN & WM (2021)

From $1,033 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 13.96m - Lagoon 450 Fly (2019)

From $958 per day

Super owner

Catamaran - 12.8m — Lagoon - 42 (2019)

From $532 per day


Catamaran - 12m — State of mind in - 42 ft (2020)

From $745 per day


Catamaran - 14m — Lagoon - 46 (2021)

From $1,368 per day


Catamaran - 13.99m — Lagoon - Lagoon 46 (2021)

From $1,282 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 12.1m - Bali 4.1 (2020)

From $752 per day

Super owner
Special offer

Catamaran - 12.94m - Lagoon 42 (4 Dbl / 2 singles 12) (2021)

From $1,086 per day


Catamaran - 12.19m — Nautitech - 40 (2018)

From $599 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 11.73m — Fountaine Pajot - Lucia 40 (2020)

From $692 per day


Catamaran - 14m — LAGOON 46 - BRAND NEW (2022)

From $1,056 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 13.99m - Lagoon 46 (2022)

From $1,033 per day

Super owner

Catamaran - 11.55m — LAGOON - 380 (2018)

From $517 per day


Catamaran - 13.99m — Lagoon - Lagoon 46 (2020)

From $988 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 11.97m — Lagoon - 400 S2 (2017)

From $501 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 12.8m — Lagoon - Lagoon 42 (2020)

From $714 per day

Special offer

Catamaran - 12.19m — FOUNTAINE PAJOT - LUCIA 40 (2018)

From $660 per day


Catamaran - 14.75m - Lagoon 50 (2021)

From $1,368 per day

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Catamaran charter in Greece

Greece is an amazing place to go sailing, with many islands just a short sail away. From the white-sand beaches to the ancient ruins scattered throughout this breathtaking country, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed if you take a quick sailing trip here. Maybe you want to head to Athens, the Greek capital, or maybe you want to party in Mykonos. All we know is that renting a catamaran in Greece makes all this and more possible, so don’t miss your chance for the trip of a lifetime.

Catamaran rentals in Greece with a captain + crew

Choose a crewed catamaran charter in Greece so you can sit back and relax while the crew takes care of preparing meals, drinks and getting you and your group to your end destination.

You could also choose a bareboat catamaran charter in Greece if you want to practice your nautical skills. You will need a valid boating license, so check with the boat owner before you set sail.

What is there to see in Greece?

Set sail in your luxurious catamaran and island-hop through Greek island’s natural beauty. From the Ionian seas to the Aegean sea you have plenty of islands to choose from! In Greece, catamaran charters can also be air-conditioned! The earlier you book, the more choices you have! So book early so you can choose the catamaran charter in Greece that best suits your needs.

Set sail through the crystal blue waters, views of mountains, and touring white-washed buildings. There are plenty of places to sail to with your charter in Greece that you might be overwhelmed with all of the options! Here are some of the island groups that you won’t want to miss:

  • The Sporades Islands
  • The Dodecanese Islands
  • The Ionian Islands
  • The Cyclades Islands

No matter where you choose to go, Greek food, people, and architecture will always surprise you.

What are the weather and sailing conditions like in Greece?

In general, the climate in Greece is a warm Mediterranean one. On lower ground, the summers are hot and dry, whereas the higher ground in the mountains sees much cooler temperatures and a lot more rain. The summer weather truly begins in May, when temperatures are usually around 25°C but by July, these temperatures reach the 30s. Even at night, the temperatures rarely drop below 20°C. Although the heat can get a little too intense in these summer months, the Greek islands are usually cooled down a little by the Meltemi winds, which also provide perfect sailing conditions.

When is the best time to go sailing in Greece?

This depends on a number of different factors, but most people prefer to sail between June and September, when the weather is better and the Meltemi winds are perfect for nautical activities and also swimming or snorkeling. The only drawback of this time period is that there are more tourists and often higher boat prices. If you prefer to go when there are fewer people, maybe it is better to go in April, May, or October.

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