Sailboat rental with or without skipper

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With or without a captain
0 - $1,300+
Boat length
0 - 196+ ft
Boat power
0 - 400+ hp
Construction year
2003 - 2024
50 Max MI
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+100 sailboats available

Sailboat - 17m — Sea Ray - 54 (2000)

North Bay Village
With or without a captain

From $3,806 per day

Sailboat - 10.97m — Lidgard - Monohull (1992)

With captain

From $2,161 per day

Sailing yacht - 21.3m — Herreshoff - Sloop (1919)

New York
With or without a captain

From $2,725 per day

Sailboat - 8.53m — Custom - Sailboat

With or without a captain

From $714 per day

Sailboat - 10m — Catalina - MKII (1988)

With or without a captain

From $545 per day

Sailboat - 11.5m — Clapham - Sailing Yacht

Santa Cruz
With or without a captain

From $370 per day

Sailboat - 19.12m — Custom

Key West
With or without a captain

From $2,244 per day

Sailboat - fake data

Hilton Head Island
With or without a captain

From $15 per day

Sailboat - 7m — Pearson - Ensign

Sag Harbor
With or without a captain

From $695 per day

Sailboat - 12.19m — Beneteau - 40 (2008)

New York
With or without a captain

From $2,313 per day

Sailboat - 8.53m — Topaz Express - 28 Topaz express with tower (1990)

San Diego
With or without a captain

From $2,518 per day

Sailboat - 12m — Cal - 39

Orange Beach
With or without a captain

From $370 per day

Sailboat - 14m — Jeanneau - 44

St. Thomas
With or without a captain

From $1,158 per day

Sailboat - 16.7m — Jeanneau - 54

St. Thomas
With or without a captain

From $1,369 per day

Sailboat — Custom - Pirate Ship

With or without a captain

From $2,827 per day

Sailboat - 12.8m — Beneteau - Gauguin

With or without a captain

From $629 per day

Sailboat - 12.1m — Santa Cruz - Sailboat

South Lake Tahoe
With or without a captain

From $1,496 per day

Sailboat - 16m — Galeon - 50 (2017)

With or without a captain

From $3,965 per day

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Sailboat Charter

There are many reasons why you might want to rent a sailboat instead of another type of boat. Sailboats are the perfect way to explore countries and islands in luxury and comfort — the perfect conditions to admire the view from the water of your chosen sailing destination. Sailboats are also well suited for people who like a bit of adventure in their life and enjoy the thrill of sailing out in open waters.

Sailboats are also perfect for all different types of trips, whether you’re looking for a family vacation or a special event with friends. A sailboat is equipped with everything you would need to have your dream yacht charter, from playing games in the cabin to water skiing to sunbathing on sandy beaches and even whale watching, you can have it all! Check out our sailboat charter fleet and find one that perfectly fits your needs.

How much does a sailboat rental cost?

The cost to rent a sailboat will vary depending on a number of factors including, the model of the boat, the amenities on board, the number of people expected on the charter, the destination, the duration of the trip, and the season. The cost also depends on the size of the boat and the size will also determine how many crew members your charter will need if you choose to have one. In general, renting a sailboat will cost anywhere from $14 per day up to around $8,000 per day. It is possible that some extra costs be added so we recommend contacting the boat owner for more information before completing the rental request.

Sailboat charter with or without a skipper and crew

When planning your sailboat charter vacation, it is important to decide whether you want a bareboat charter or a skippered charter, and whether you want a fully crewed boat or not. Hiring a professional skipper for your charter is great for guaranteeing a stress-free day out on the water. With a skipper and crew on your sailing yacht charter, you won't have to worry about navigation, anchorage, or boat maintenance. Your sailing vacation will be nothing but a breeze with a crewed charter!

If you have a boating license, then you might want to consider booking a bareboat charter. Set sail for the ultimate sailing adventure and prepare to have the best sailing experience! Navigating through your desired destination has never been easier and more accessible than with Click&Boat. Make sure to ask the boat owner if your boating license is valid for the boat and country you are sailing in!

What are the best destinations to rent a sailboat?

With so many destinations where boat rentals are available, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. A few noteworthy destinations include Croatia, Italia, the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean Islands, Montenegro, and the Balearic Islands. When deciding on a location, it is important to take into account the season you will be renting a boat in. For example, for most Mediterranean destinations, you should aim to go either during the summer, late spring, or early autumn. If, however, you’re looking into destinations in the Caribbean or Mexico, it is advisable to go in the winter or spring since, during these seasons, you should be able to avoid the hurricane season — mid-August to October. Australia is another place where renting a sailboat is definitely more advisable during the European winter, as this is the time of year when they have the best weather for sailing.

What brands of sailboats can you rent?

There are many different brands of sailboats available for rent on Océans Évasion and each one has different perks and benefits. 

A few of the brands available include:

  • Dufour
  • Jeanneau
  • Bavaria
  • Beneteau
On any one of these sailboat brands, or one of the others that are available to rent with Océans Évasion, we can guarantee you a fantastic trip, full of unforgettable memories.

What is included in a sailboat charter and what additional expenses are there likely to be?

This can vary a lot depending on different owners but usually, the included costs are laid out in the description of the boat. If this isn’t the case, or if it’s unclear, you can contact the owner directly when requesting a quote. Some things that often aren’t included in the base price are water sports equipment that you can use for activities like snorkeling, paddle surfing, and waterskiing, but also fuel, and the skipper. It’s usually a good idea to ask the owner of the boat if they would like you to refuel before returning the sailboat, or if they would prefer to do so themselves at an additional cost.

The majority of owners will also ask for a deposit as an insurance policy. You should pay the deposit when you check in to collect the boat and you should get it back, provided there is no damage done to the boat. People wishing to rent the boat without a professional skipper will probably also have to pay for insurance and many owners also require that you pay for a full cleaning of the boat after the trip.

Docking fees at the base are normally included in the base cost of renting the boat, but if you decide to dock at a different harbor or marina during your sailing holiday, this cost will typically be surplus. We advise you to look into this before setting sail.

What are some of the activities to look forward to during a sailboat trip?

The options of what to do when you rent a sailboat are endless. Those who like trying out different water sports will love this type of rental as many boats will provide equipment to do various extra activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Sailboats are also perfect for places with a lot of islands surrounding them as you can travel in ease between the islands and, depending on the size of the boat, most marinas and harbors will have space for you to dock. A couple of places where sailboats are ideal include the Scandinavian countries, Greece, Canada, the Caribbean, and Croatia.

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