Sailboat charters in Florida

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33 sailboats available

Sailboat - 11.89m — Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 389 (2015)

Palm Beach
With or without a captain
 7  · Private · Super owner

From $856 per day

Sailboat - 13.78m — Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey (2001)

With captain

From $881 per day

Sailing yacht - 32m — Schrooner - 105 (2011)

Key West
With captain

From $6,058 per day

Sailboat - 13.41m — Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 44 (2019)

St. Augustine
With captain

From $3,054 per day

Special offer

Sailboat - 10.97m — Hunter - 36 (2005)

Punta Gorda
With captain

From $824 per day

Sailboat - 10.06m — Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 349 (2019)

St. Augustine
With captain

From $1,538 per day

Sailboat - 10.36m — Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 349 (2018)

St. Augustine
With captain

From $1,538 per day

Sailboat - 10.49m — Island Packet - 31 (1988)

With or without a captain
 · Private

From $1,145 per day

Sailboat - 8.23m — Hunter - H 27 (1983)

With captain

From $628 per day

Sailboat - 4.57m — Beneteau - Idyllle 15.5 (1987)

With captain

From $1,101 per day

Sailboat - 17m — Sea Ray - 54 (2000)

North Bay Village
With or without a captain

From $3,806 per day

Sailboat - 19.12m — Custom

Key West
With or without a captain

From $2,244 per day

Sailboat - 16m — Galeon - 50 (2017)

With or without a captain

From $3,965 per day

Sailboat - 16.76m — Custom - Merrit Walter

Treasure Island
With or without a captain

From $1,480 per day

Sailboat - 14.02m — Hunter Marine - Passage 450 (2003)

Pompano Beach
With captain

From $991 per day

Sailboat - 12.1m — Catalina - 387 (2008)

Fort Lauderdale
With captain
 6  · Super owner

From $1,020 per day

Sailboat - 11.37m — Beneteau - 373 (2007)

St. Petersburg
With captain

From $771 per day

Sailboat - 12.19m — Robertson & Caine - Leopard 40 (2006)

With captain

From $1,574 per day

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Sailboat charters in Florida

Explore with Ocean Evasion on a sailboat charter in Florida. Ocean Evasion also offers luxury yachts, catamaran charters and general boat rentals. View the city from a different perspective onboard! Florida is a great place to go sailing with plenty of places to see. Make your own personalised sailing experience: enjoy the sport, feel the waves rolling and the sun and wind on your skin. What more could you ask for? Each season brings you a different side of Florida, so don't miss out. There is a reason why people call Florida the sunshine state!

Our sailors from Florida are ready to take you on a trip to remember with your family or friends. There is so much to do in Florida so make sure to spend as much time out on the water as possible. This could be your chance to get to know Florida and the underwater world that surrounds you. From sandy beaches, sandbars, clear blue water and hundreds of aquatic animals to watch

How much is a sailboat charter in Florida?

Sailboat rentals in Florida can vary in price depending on the type of boat, characteristics of the boat, additional services or amenities and more. The boat owner may choose to include the skipper within the final price or if they also rent without a skipper, to keep them as an additional added cost.

The harbors in Florida

In Florida, sailboat rentals can be picked up in various harbors depending on the city from which you choose to sail from! You can choose to sail from Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, and more. So take your time and choose the type of adventure you want.

What is there to see in Florida?

A sailboat charter in Florida gives you so much to see! You can choose to charter in Miami, Miami Beach, and Palm Beach if you’re looking to party on the water for the full day. Or if you're really into snorkeling and seeing the coral reefs, then the Florida Keys or Key West may be your utopia. When you rent a sailboat, you have the liberty to sail through any part of the state!

Set sail to the south of Florida and find some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs you can look for. Sailing is very popular in the Florida Keys with a 126 mile stretch of exotic islands to explore. What could excite you more about your sailing adventure? The Florida Keys consists of 5 islands including Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys, and Key West. You could go down through all 5 islands and even further to the Bahamas! There are so many places to snorkel, dolphin watch, and even kayak that you are sure to get all of the adventurous energy out in the water.

Miami is another favorite for sailboat rentals in Florida and is also known worldwide for its party life. You can choose to visit the beautiful beaches, or even find a small cay to relax on and get some sun. You can also decide to visit sandbars, which are areas of sand that sit right above the water. These beautiful spots are made into party areas with Djs, minibars, and more in the middle of the water! What a great way to meet more people from all over.

You can also visit:

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami Beach

Rent a boat with a captain in Florida

Enjoy a sailboat rental with or without a captain in Florida! It is possible to rent a sailboat in Florida without a captain. You can get complete freedom to sail through the ocean or gulf and practice your skills. You will need a valid boating license if you want a bareboat charter! So make sure you check with the boat owner that your boating license is valid for the boat you choose to hire.

Likewise, you may choose to rent a sailboat with a captain! This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to worry about the technicalities of sailing through the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. You can kick back while someone else worries about sailing your boat to your destination.

What is the best time to go to Florida?

The sunshine state gets its name for some reason! Summers in Florida are long, warm, and fairly humid. The minimum temperature ranges from 70°F in the north to 80°F in the Keys. High temperatures during the summer average in the low 90°F.

The winters are also warm with tropical easterly winds. The wind ranges from 15 to 20 knots which are perfect for sailing. The average low temperatures in the winter can range from 65°F in Key West to 41°F at Tallahassee. The daytime temperatures range from 64°F at Tallahassee to 77°F in Miami.

Charter a sailboat near Florida

In Florida, private sailboat are available to charter. See other boats in the area

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